Carpets are an important item in every home with the exception of any furniture because they filter and filter air. Once applied to a basic carpet, it traps dust and dander. They function like drapes, curtains, shades, and over time this filtration process accumulates enough dust that they can be seen. The question is, how much is too much? Some carpet companies even add dangerous chemicals and when chemicals are released they can be hazardous to you and your family.

To answer that question, I will explain carpet filtration to you and then tell you how to choose the right company that will meet your needs.

Carpet companies can’t all be the same and when you are looking for them it helps to know what they specialize in. This will allow you to make a better decision on who to use or you can use them for both applications and be sure that they will have the particular specifications you need.

Carpet, like a carpet fabric or other coverings, requires an environment that will keep it looking fresh. In its best state, it must be kept dry. As wet carpet is unable to filter particles such as dust and dirt, they accumulate on the surface. The dryer the carpet is, the easier it is to remove from the surface of the carpet, and therefore the more effective it is infiltration.

The carpet when wet will absorb. The tiles for example can also be bonded with any chemical that is used on them. For example, butyl, carbon tetrachloride, ethanol, hypoallergenic as well as alkaline, ammonia, and other acids are commonly used in carpet applications. They should be rinsed or they could locate their way back to you – the homeowner.

All chemicals leave behind residue and if not rinsed out, the chemicals may seep to the subfloor and then to the carpet as well where it is then breathed in by you and your family. Like carpets, they can attract mold and mildew which can be detrimental to your health and for that of your family. All the chemicals used in carpets can be exposed to the environment and released Millions of Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are made from various materials and you should never assume that the carpet is biodegradable. Most carpet manufacturers claim that it is, but that doesn’t mean it is. Carpets can be made from polyester and polyamides and this is considered biodegradable material.

After the carpet is installed, it can begin to become discolored by the chemicals used. As time passes, the carpet becomes more beige or yellow in color.

So how can you choose the right company to use?

Research companies and speak to your local Better Business Bureau. Be sure to ask them about testimonials and referrals. Ask them if they will be Green Certified. If they are you will know that you will be using a carpet that does not contain harmful chemicals.

Never use a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t have Green Certified using carpet treatments that do not contain harmful chemicals

All carpet cleaning companies should be Green Certified. This certification means that the company follows special guidelines to see that the products used do not have negative effects on the environment

Carpet Cleaning Temecula is a great solution to keeping the carpet clean and tidy without all the chemicals being introduced to the environment. All the climate aspects in life can be beneficial when they are not a huge disturbance upon our family. It is important that we not only have protection from pests and other household problems, but also simple things like breathing fresh air. We all deserve what is a decent place to live.