SEO is an acronym used for ‘search engine optimization. Search engine optimization makes your website easier to be found by search engine robots and easier to understand by the people who are searching for what your site offers. SEO is not about manipulating the search results or ‘fooling’ search engines – it is about making your site easy to understand and easy to find by real people. Here are a few things from Oakland Web Design to keep in mind as you make your site more SEO friendly:

Make your site easy to understand

Search engines give more importance to sites that are easy to understand. If a visitor can understand what they are getting on the site, they will most likely not press the ‘back’ button and try another search. This means that you need to make sure that your site is easy to understand and not just complicated.

You can create manifolds of content that will help visitors and search engine robots understand the purpose of your site. All the content should be written in an easy-to-understand manner. You can make it more user-friendly by making certain keywords and other specific words prominent.

Make sure that the search engine robots can understand the theme of your site

The SEO robots can only read plain text. Text in images and flash movies are invisible to the robots. If you have a site whose main purpose is in flash movies and where several flash movies are embedded, you should build menus and other links in plain text. If the main purpose of your site is in pure HTML, you can try to make the site nice to view by including a site map. The site map is a navigational map that can be either hidden or included on the main page. Make the site map a map that can be easily seen by the search engine robots.

You should have a site map order that will ensure that the search engine robots will find the assorted pages. Different search engines have a varied path through the site. If you do not have an HTML site map, you should endeavor to have one. It is not necessary to have 100 pages on your site map. A single page should be linked to each page on your site. The pages will then be discovered and ranked according to their relevance.

Depending on the search engine, the robots will either discover the site map and then list the internal pages one by one or will list the entire site map. If you have a relatively small site, you may find it useful to have more pages listed. Nevertheless, the primary reason for including the sites should be their relevance.

Check the site map periodically

Some search engines remove the sites listed in the site map. If this happens, you can always create a new site map. If you continue to use the same site map, it is eventually eliminated by the search engines. Some marketers make the mistake of using an automated site map maker. The search engines may omit some sites in the results per search term.

You can use different ways to produce a site map. You can use HTML, you can use programmer language. If you are using WordPress, you can download a plug-in that will generate Google site maps. It is worth the effort to download and install this plug-in.

Using a plain text browser such as Lynx, you will see the pages of your site like a spider would see them. If you have any level of expertise in website optimizing, you know that it is not enough to see the code. You need to know how your site looks to a search engine. If your site was designed properly, it should only show a few sentences at a glance. If anything looks out of place to a search engine, it can hinder your level of business and relevance in the SERPs.

One of the best ways to make sure your website is technically viable for the search engines is to make sure that your entire site is accessible to the robots you are targeting. It is important that your text links to various other pages on your site can be accessed by search engine robots, but if they are not linked properly, they will be ignored when looking for data, and they will be missed and not bring in traffic. Have the site map and all links clearly labeled. By doing this, you will be able to tell search engines what is on your site and what is not which will improve your visibility to your target audience.

Another thing that can help you to make your website more accessible to search engines that will really help your level of success is to write and post articles consistently. Each article should have a good resource box, and this will be a great opportunity to link to your website – bringing more traffic to your website. This method will also help to improve your business branding and will help to drive more traffic to your website for your business.

Using good keywords is really important, and you should research a set of keywords for your website before you start to work on it.